Start an email campaign. Click here for a sample letter you can send around to your friends or write your own.

Direct your friends to this site.

Register Voters. Make sure you and your friends and family are properly registered to vote. Here are some websites to guide,,,

Get forms from the Federal Election Commission website at Read through the introduction and click on "For Public Use" at the bottom. Print copies of the National Voter Registration Form for your friends (pages 4-7) to fill out, sign and date, and mail to the proper address for your state (scroll and find at the bottom of the form.) If you prefer to use the telephone, call Project Vote Smart's voter research hotline 1-888-868-3762 to find out information on how to register in your state.

Action Tip

Give a GrannyVoter Party or a Picnic! Get your friends together and share your views. Help each other decide who best speaks for your grandchildren!

If you think your friends might not be registered, give them registration forms at your party. Maybe ask your friends to request a mail-in ballot at your party, so it's easier to vote and they can spend Election Day with their grandchildren.

Write, e-mail and telephone every candidate who seeks your vote. Demand that they tell you how what they plan to do will affect the future-not just next year but ten and twenty years from now. Ask the candidate. Be specific.

Write, e-mail and telephone your local and national newspapers, TV and radio stations and their advertisers. Demand that their coverage include more discussion of the long range impact of public policies and personal choices.