Who are the GrannyVoters?

We are a group of eleven grandmothers with thirty-two grandchildren among us.

We are all women over the age of 60 who came of age in the 60's. We are of the generation of women who shattered society's old notions and created new ones. We believe older citizens like us can remain active, politically engaged, effective and above all, concerned with issues beyond themselves. We call ourselves Next Step Women.

We are Mary Catherine Bateson, cultural anthropologist and author; Nancy Berkley, author and golf marketing consultant; Rita Bornstein, consultant to higher education; Geraldine Ferraro, consultant and former Vice Presidential candidate; Ellen Goodman, columnist; Ruth Massinga, foundation president; Rosemary Masters, psychotherapist; Patricia O'Brien, author; Nell Painter, historian; Letty Cottin Pogrebin, writer; and Patricia Schroeder, former Congresswoman. Read our bios.

We started meeting early in 2003 to understand the challenges that face us at this stage in our lives and in our country's history. In our discussions, we surprised ourselves by converging on a common project: GrannyVoter.

We were concerned that increasingly political candidates try to please voters by addressing their short term interests. When they target older voters, including grandparents, they treat us like greedy geezers who care only about our taxes, medicare, and social security checks.

Those issues are important but none is as important as the quality of our grandchildren's future. We want political candidates to start thinking through the way the decisions they make will affect the world that today's children will inherit.

We started GrannyVoter.org to affect the quality of political discourse in this country and insist that candidates discuss the long-term implications of their policies. Through GrannyVoter.org, we want to get the word out to other grandparents so that they can act, speak, and vote on behalf of their grandchildren's future.

On our grandchildren's behalf, GrannyVoters will ask the candidates what they will do to improve the world that we are leaving to our grandchildren.

GrannyVoters understand that the quality of the future depends on the choices we make today. Does the next President? Or our Senators? Members of Congress? Governors? State legislators? And local elected officials?