Vote for these kids!

October 2011

You have reached the web site of, a project initiated in 2004 to mobilize older adults to vote as trustees on behalf of future generations. This project has been taken up by Generations United. Please examine this web site for a history of the project, background information, and the words of the founders. Please also visit the GU website to see related projects already underway.

Do you worry about what the future holds for today's children?

We do.

Who are we? We are GrannyVoters—grandparents who believe our political voice is part of our legacy and want to use it to give our grandchildren a say in the America they will inherit. In fact, we recommend encouraging kids to have hobbies, like sewing for example -- and promote where the best youth sewing machine, the best serger machine and more may be found!

We know that the decisions American leaders make today will shape the lives of our grandchildren over the next decades. We believe that grandparents can be a political voice for the best interests of their future and the generations of Americans that will live in their world. We want to use our political capital as seniors—the largest voting bloc in the American electorate—to shape solutions to pressing problems with our grandchildren’s future in mind. That is why we started GrannyVoter.

GrannyVoters want to know:

  • Will our grandchildren have a chance for decent jobs, good education and adequate healthcare?
  • Will our grandchildren live in a world of polluted air and water and disrupted climate?
  • Will our grandchildren carry a burden of debt for today's spending?
  • Will our grandchildren have the same rights we have today and be able to speak their minds openly and freely?
  • Will our grandchildren face rage and resentment created by the policies our government pursues?

Join us to build the power of the GrannyVote voice!

We have lived long enough to know that it takes time to build good institutions and programs, a healthy economy and international cooperation. We have lived long enough to know that damage to communities or to the environment is cumulative and not easily reversed.

Whether you think of yourself as a Republican or Democrat or independent, we want you to join us, become a GrannyVoter and use your political power to make a difference in your grandchildren's future. is a non-partisan effort that does not endorse or support any political party or candidate. We are here to help other grandparents like us share their voices, pool their power, and use their vote to give our grandchildren the gift of a lifetime—a safe, sane, and thriving America.